OrangeSpice Games policy
We reserve the right to refuse a project. We will refuse a project if the context or content of the proposed product:
promotes a political or religious viewpoint
discriminates on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or nationality
promotes illegal activities, hate speech or violence
reflects sexually explicit or violent themes
FAQ for publishers
Given that publications are published according to strict schedules, ideally we would like a lead time of 7–14 days. A lead time of four days or less will incur a 20% fee increase.
Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00. We aim to respond to your enquiry within one working day of receiving it.
Yes. We send you a PDF of the puzzle, so that your designer can open it in their design program. We understand that in-house styles are preferred, so your designer can change the font, font size, colour and style of the puzzle accordingly. However, we cannot be held responsible for any faults or errors that might arise in the puzzle, should your designer make any changes to it. To ensure that the puzzle's integrity is retained beyond the design stage, we therefore suggest that you send us a PDF of your final designed puzzle page so that we can double check it before print. We will give feedback within 24 hours of receipt of your PDF.
We prefer to send PDFs, but can send files in other formats if there are any problems with the PDF.
We ask that OrangeSpice Games is credited either on the same page as the puzzle or elsewhere in the same publication.
When you purchase a puzzle from us, you are purchasing a single-use license for your publication in one medium. You can therefore use the puzzle in one issue of only one of your publications. Should you publish the same title in more than one medium (print and web, for example), and the puzzle is required to appear in all versions of the title, an additional license will need to be purchased from us for use in the other media. The license is valid for six months from the ordering date.
Yes, for the duration of the license's term. However, after the six month license period, we may resell the license for the same puzzle to another party.
Once we you have signed off the puzzle, we will supply the final high resolution PDF along with an invoice for the agreed fee. You can pay us along with all your other contributors, provided the date of payment is not more than 30 days from the invoice date.
We will send low-resolution proofs for you to check before sign off. As much as we will check and proofread the puzzle once we're done with it, the odd mistake can still make its way in. We therefore ask you to read through and work through the puzzle before signing off on the project. See Question 3 above regarding final checks.
FAQ for individuals
We need between five and ten working days to complete and deliver the puzzle, from the date of payment. However, once both parties have agreed on the concept (and design, if necessary), and the payment has been confirmed, we will send low-resolution proofs for you to check as we go. Most of the time, we are able to deliver within a shorter time frame (and we'll do that, if we can), but if we are experiencing a high volume of orders, we'll need the maximum time frame.
This is purely because of the highly personalized nature of the products that we make. Should you decide not to purchase the puzzle once it is complete, we can't sell it to anyone else to recover the costs.
In terms of the design of the puzzle, we can create something very similar for you. But, in terms of the information displayed in the puzzle, we can't always be sure that your specific information will fit in perfectly like that in the example. If we can't make it work exactly, then we'll either adapt the puzzle slightly to work around your information, or we'll suggest a different type of puzzle that could work instead.
Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00. We aim to respond to your enquiry within one working day of receiving it.
Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card payments at this time. We do, however, accept EFTs and direct deposits. International clients (i.e. anyone outside of South Africa) should check with us first, though.
Certainly! We understand that it's easier to choose from ready-made products, and not easy at all to order something you haven't seen yet. That's why we work with you to find a perfect solution. Send us just the basic information, such as the type of event or what you need the puzzle for, and we'll think of a way to make it work.
All we need to know is what you like ... and what you don't like! If you can send us a few reference pictures of colours or styles that appeal to you, we should be able to work from there. If you're really stuck, we'll advise you where to start looking on the web.
As much as we love a game or puzzle that requires a person to solve something, we know that this isn't always the best approach. Wedding or party invitations, for example, need to communicate specific pieces of information (such as date, time and place), so these are best left un-puzzled to avoid any miscommunications. However, you know yourself and the people on your guest list better than we do, so we'll let you decide whether you'd like a solvable puzzle or a simple puzzle theme for your invitations.
We'll be in contact with you throughout the process, and will send low-resolution proofs as we go. As much as we will check and proofread the text once we're done with the puzzle, the odd mistake can still make its way in. We therefore ask you to read through and work through the puzzle before signing off on the final high-resolution PDF. We'll fix any spelling or grammatical errors prior to sign off for free, but will charge you for any changes that need to be made once the puzzle has already been signed off.
No. Many (but not all) of the personalized or customized puzzles in our repertoire can be made in any language that uses the Latin alphabet. We'll just need you to communicate with us in English and provide all the necessary translations that need to appear in your puzzle. (Maar enige Afrikaans sprekendes is welkom om met ons in Afrikaans te kommunikeer!)
No, we only send you a high-resolution PDF of the final puzzle. This allows you to print out as many copies as you need, wherever in the world you may be. You can print out the file on your home printer or at a printing shop. *We do not send any physical products to you. We only send the final digital product.
The service that we provide is the creation of personalized and customized puzzles and games in digital format. Most of the time, our clients want the content to be incorporated into their already-designed invitations or cards. Our design work is meant only for people who do not have a designer, or for people who only want a puzzle for a once-off event or occasion.
We charge R250 per hour for design work, although we first get a basic idea from the client regarding what they would like to see. We do not charge for any time devoted to deciding on a concept or design.
Other FAQ
Of course! The categories listed on our website only represent what the majority of our clients come to us for. However, we're open to making puzzles for almost any occasion, as long as the nature of the puzzle or game aligns with our policy as described at the top of this page.
Our other division within OrangeSpice Games does exactly this. For more information, please visit